HTML5 and IE support fix

Fairly recently I have started to work on a new layout and re-code of my business website Apple Gate Studios. I decided to take a look at using HTML5 and CSS3. Now after a while I got my design to how I wanted it to look using Chrome. I thought I had better test the site in the other browers before I go to far into the build and end up having to do alot of code fixes for Internet Explorer.

Now when I loaded the site into IE, I noticed that the navigation was out of align, there was no logo and a few other things were completly broken or out of place. Doing a bit of research I found that IE doesn’t still fully support HTML5 without some “Fixes”.

Once these “Fixes” were in place, everything jumped back into place, no extra adjustments needed just the following code, to allow Internet Explorer to be able to support HTML5.

If you need it feel free to use my code, Just place the below code into the <head> of your HTML5 document and IE will support HTML5 🙂

<!– IE HTML5 Fix –>

<script type=”text/javascript”>










<!– End fix –>


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