Wow, it’s been a while…

First off let me say sorry it’s been such a long time in updating this site. It’s not really something that holds my interest for long and I tend to run out of things to say but will pop on every so often when I feel I have something interesting to share. Unless something happens and this site for some reason rockets with users. Ha-Ha.

Anyway back to the point I came on here for in the first place. My new site! Version I’ve lost count it’s been so many. But who’s counting anyway, right? Over the last few weeks I have given myself a task to get my current portfolio/business website back up and running. I took it down ages ago as I was in the process of updating it, got about half way, got bored and couldn’t be arsed to do any more. So I took the site offline and replaced it with a contact form, in case someone wanted a quote for a website or just wanted to get in touch. That was almost a year ago now…. It has been in the back of my mind but until now I haven’t really had the time to do what I wanted to it, and there are so many other things keeping me busy, gaming, going to the gym, work and getting married.

I’ve decided to go simplistic but with it being the digital age of tablets, smart phones / phablets etc I wanted to make something as responsive as I could with maximum usability and readability. So colours to a minimum, something I did a long time ago on another version, way back before CSS could do gradients and you would have to hack and slice images up (wasn’t that fun!?).

So my first challenge was to get myself a responsive layout that would make it easier for me now and in any other future websites I build. There are so many options out there now with Bootstrap, boilerplate and all the numerous grid systems. After much research I decided to go for a custom 960 grid which I would base on the original 960 Grid system. But I didn’t want to just download it, where’s the fun in that? So I went for the fun option and set about creating 1,2,3,4 and 5 columns in a layout and then CSSing them to look nice, always making sure that readability was the key. A few days later I know have what I call Boxy960, a 12 column 960 grid system. I can’t for the life of me wonder why I didn’t do this before. The difficult bit for me was making the grid system responsive and took many hours to get right, I’m not sure I’ve even fully cracked it yet but it’s getting there. Knowing me I will probably be tweaking it for another few days at least before I’m completely happy with it.

Now making columns is so simple, want a 2 column section? Boom, 2 mins and you’re done. It really is that simple, this will be something I will cover in more detail in a future post.

For now I’ll leave you with a little screenshot of my testing page. Keep an eye out for an update very soon.



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