How to collapse/expand all Photoshop layer groups (folders)

I’ve been working on a new homepage design for a website in work, it’s a fairly large PSD file of around 20MB with a few hundred layers and about 12 parent groups with as many as 10 child groups. I came across the problem of wanting to open all of the groups to make it easier for me to adjust serveral layers (images) that I wanted to re-link together.

Doing this normally would mean having to go through a tonne of folders to find the correct layers, so I was sat there thinking there must be a way of opening and closing all of the groups together. After doing a big of digging I came across this shortcut.

PC Users: Hold Ctrl + Alt and left click the group arrow

Mac Users: Hold Ctrl + Opt and left click the group arrow

This automatically opens all of the groups (folders) within it! To close all the groups again simply use the same command on the parent level folder and bingo all folders will close again. If you want to open all the group folders within a group, just use the same command on the child level. Easy!

Hopefully this will be useful for some people.